Gelsinger Licensing
We created Christmas artwork that could be used for gift bags, greeting cards, decorations, etc.
There is a craft paper for every occasion and subject you can imagine... and we imagined quite a bit.
One really great thing about licensed art is that a particular design or set of designs can be used for a variety of products... like checks, for instance.
Gelsinger Licensing is an agency that markets to licensed art buyers; like fabric stores, Walmart, and Costco. Want a pillowcase and sheets with your favorite college on them? How about curtains? Pajamas? Tablecloth? No, that’s going too far.
Thanks to us and Gelsinger Licensing, you can buy rolls and rolls of plaid fabric featuring your favorite college. Now that’s team spirit!
Maybe sheets and pajamas aren’t your thing. We get it.
How about a coffee mug and coasters? And how about one especially for women? Now that’s marketing!